Quebec Casinos Ban Convicts of Money Laundering and Forgery

By Maria Louisa
Published 11/08/2023

The government of Quebec has taken bold action with a ban of people previously convicted for a number of crimes, from all of its land-based casinos.

The new regulation comes as part of a new regulation meant to fight money laundering and organized crime.

Keep reading to learn more about this monumental decision within the province of Quebec.

New Quebec Regulation to Ban Convicts of Money Laundering from Casinos

This new law bans everyone previously convicted of money laundering, forgery, changing interest at a criminal rate and the use of illegal substances.

Anyone convicted for one of these crimes in the past five years could compromise the integrity of the casino and damage public trust.

The new law will apply to all Loto-Quebec casinos throughout the province, with the exception of those owned by Indigenous Communities.

Claudia Loupret, spokesperson for the Quebec Minister of Finance, said, “Loto-Quebec and the government are aiming for the highest standard of responsible gaming and financial integrity. We have confidence in Loto-Quebec to implement these new measures.”

This new regulation follows an audit carried out by Deloitte in 2021 to gauge the presence of organized criminal groups within Quebec’s land-based casinos.

The audit was commissioned by Finance Minister Eric Girard after several media reports stated that members of organized crime groups received VIP treatment at the Casino de Montreal.

The ban of people already linked to organized crime and money laundering was one of Deloitte’s suggests.

Loto-Quebec Casinos

Loto-Quebec is the regulatory body in charge of enforcing gambling laws and licensing new casinos within the Canadian province of Quebec. The regulator has six land-based casinos spread throughout the provice:

  • Casino de Montreal
  • Hotel-Casino du Lac-Leamy
  • Mont-Tremblant Casino
  • Charlevoix Hotel-Casino
  • Quebec Games Room
  • Trois-Rivieres Gaming Hall

Loto-Quebec also owns and manages its own online casino

Quebec Land-Based Casinos
Quebec Land-Based Casinos

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