Ontario’s regulated market turns 1 year

By Maria Louisa
Published 06/04/2023

It’s been a year since Ontario regulated its market on the 4th of April 2022.

In the past year, the Ontario market became one of North America’s top five, following a year mostly filled with successes.

Some of these successes include the licensing of 45 online casino operators and a revenue of $1.4 billion in just a year. Keep reading to learn more about Ontatio’s first year as the only regulated market in Canada!

45 Online Casino Operators Obtain a License from Ontario

Through its first year as a regulated market, Ontario issued 45 licenses. The number is to decrease slightly following the closure of three online casinos: Play-On Casino and Play-on Mansion, as well as, Coolbet.

This is hardly a setback! With the Ontario market listed as one of the top five in North America, more international operators are likely to be interested.

iGaming Ontario
iGaming Ontario

$1.4 Billion in Revenue During the First Year

In just the first twelve months, Ontario has seen an estimated $35.6 billion in bets, translating into approximately $1.4 billion in revenue.

iGaming Ontario believes around 1.6 million active player accounts are registered with the 45 licensed operators.

Dave Forestall, iGaming Ontario’s Board Chair, commented, “Today’s numbers demonstrate that Ontario has one of the best online gaming markets in the world,” he said. “Since Ontario opened the market we have seen new investment, job creation, and captured revenue that used to leave the province.”

These numbers are what have catapulted Ontario amongst the Top 5 markets in North America.

What’s in store for Ontario during the next year?

This coming year is promising a lot more success for Ontario. While three operators are closing doors in the province, others will likely take their place and add to an already embellished list.

And in Dave Forestall’s own words, “Ontario is well on its way to becoming the best gaming jurisdiction in the world.”

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