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The Best No Deposit Bonus Guide in Canada

Our No Deposit Guide has it all: the best no deposit offers, where to get them, how they work, and even tips on how to make the most out of your bonus. What are you waiting for?

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Best No Deposit Bonus Offers in Canada

Like a new pair of shoes or that shiny ride you’ve had your eye on, the old adage of ‘Try before you buy‘ has been embraced by today’s online casino industry in Canada.

A no deposit bonus is an invitation to play before you pay. It’s an opportunity to take the no deposit casino for a test drive before you commit to putting your hard-earned money down.

So let’s take a roadtrip!

Casimba Casino: 10 No Deposit Free Spins

Casimba No Deposit Free Spins
Casimba No Deposit Free Spins

Casimba casino is a leading gambling platform that has been existing in 2017. New players who register here can claim up to 10 no deposit free spins to begin. This offer does not require any deposit as you are credited immediately your account is verified.

You can use these no deposit free spins to play the Book of Dead slot, and it comes with a 40x wagering requirement. This means you can quickly get access to your winnings once done.

Many of the online casinos that we review are currently not offering any no deposit bonus offers for players in Canada, but do check back again soon as we constantly update this page with more of the best no deposit bonus casinos!

What Exactly is a No Deposit Bonus?

In case anyone missed the on-ramp, a no deposit bonus is a commitment-free incentive or reward offered by online casinos simply for signing up.

No cash deposit is required!

Are No Deposit Bonuses Legal in Canada? 

A casino no deposit bonus is legal in Canada and as safe to use as most free online offerings.

You are not required to provide financial information or make a cash deposit with the casino in advance, but that doesn’t mean you should be driving without a seatbelt.

If you come across any requirement to the contrary, it is not a legitimate free no deposit bonus offer. Simply back out of that dead-end street. 

How Does a No Deposit Bonus Work?

Canadian online casinos offer no deposit bonuses as a way to introduce their brand in a fiercely competitive market.

They hope that your player experience using their money will convince you that their product offering meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Like trying on shoes, you are not obligated to make a purchase and comparably, the no deposit bonus offer is a legitimate incentive offered by casinos that is commitment-free.        

Can I Actually Win Money with a No Deposit Bonus?

Yes! But don’t expect to win much, though. While you can land legitimate wins while playing with a no deposit bonus, like all other promotions it will come with terms and conditions.

These would usually consist of wagering requirements and in the case of free spins, caps on winnings.

Nevertheless, once you clear the wagering requirements, you can bag any accumulated wins.

Why are Casinos Offering No Deposit Bonuses in Canada?

Let’s hit the gas and get up to speed.

Canada is a relatively new online casino market for international operators who have over a decade of experience competing in Europe, the UK, and Japan, where gambling has been part of the cultural landscape since inventing the wheel. 

A no deposit bonus has long been an effective promotional tool that enables a casino to differentiate itself from the competition and invite potential players to try their product offering risk-free. Despite this, it is equally important to remind our readers to always gamble responsibly at online casinos in Canada.

Why take a No Deposit Casino Bonus in Canada?


In short order, there are 3 great reasons for taking a no deposit bonus.

  1. The first is that it’s free – it costs nothing but your time to play.
  1. The second is your player experience; confirming whether the casino offers what you’re looking for. It’s also a great way to try new online casino games that are allocated with no deposit bonuses in Canada!
  1. The other is that you could actually win cash with the casino’s money. Yes. You could win. So let’s keep our eyes on the road, it’s time to change gears.  

No Deposit Bonus vs Other Bonuses

No riskEasy to claimCash money prize
No deposit bonus
Welcome bonusDepends
Free Spins
No wagering bonusDependsDepends

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus in Canada

Even when you’re cruising down Easy street, you still have to follow the rules of the road.

When using a no deposit bonus you have to keep an eye out for speedbumps, potholes and the occasional speed trap; which online casinos refer to as Terms and Conditions.

Most are straightforward and common sense. Some can be confusing, and (depending on the operator) a few might blow your shocks.

That said, knowing the potential obstacles on the road in front of you is the best way to avoid them.   

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus in Canada

As a resident of Canada, the off-ramps you’re on the lookout for are those online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus to Canadian players.

Pull up and register for an account as a new player. You’ll receive immediate access. 

Where to Get a No Deposit Bonus?

The list of national and international online casinos catering to Canadian players is long and getting longer every day.

The choices are many and a search of those operators that provide the game experiences you prefer and offer a no deposit bonus should quickly lead you to a select preferred group to choose from.  

How to Withdraw a No Deposit Bonus

Time to downshift, curves ahead. While accessing and using a no deposit bonus is as easy to negotiate as a straightaway, withdrawing winnings may require some starts and stops.

The online casino may have a minimum wagering requirement and demand you play it a number of times before cashing out.

Conditions like these are present in order to prevent sketchy players from simply registering and cashing out i.e. the no deposit bonus must be used in gameplay.

Any winnings accumulated after these conditions are met can then be withdrawn.

When slowing down for a closer look, it becomes obvious that the best no deposit bonuses in Canada come with the lowest wagering limits, providing you with the best bang for your buck!

Should you come out ahead, most online casinos process withdrawal requests within twenty-four hours.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

For those backseat drivers, it’s time to reiterate that this journey has been focused on no deposit CASH bonuses.

But Canada is proud of its diversity, and Canadian players adore choice, so we’ll take a quick detour onto the scenic route.  

No Deposit Free Spins

A no deposit bonus that offers free spins on slots is far and away the most popular bonus incentive in Canada.

Instead of a cash sum to wager with, new players are offered a number of free spins on the slots of their choice.

While this no deposit bonus is focused on slot-play and inserts an extra step into the process, the potential result is the same: win the game = win money.

Keep an eye out for the wagering requirements; they vary and can be more cumbersome than no deposit bonus cash offers. If possible choose a low wagering casino bonus!

Special birthday casino no deposit bonuses

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

A no deposit bonus is typically a welcome bonus offered to new players as an incentive to try the online casino, although it may also be offered to existing players in an effort to retain their business.

It is not to be confused with a deposit matching welcome bonus – which requires a cash deposit.

A no deposit bonus is typically the first of a group of bonuses offered to join the casino.  

4 Important Tips to Know Before Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

Before you claim a no deposit bonus, it is wise to know what to watch out for. Not all promotions are worth collecting, and recognizing a good offer from a bad one is very important to get good value.

1. Read the No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

No deposit bonus terms and conditions are generally a set of restrictions the online casino operator puts in place to minimize the risk of a player winning a big payout without wagering personal funds.

The terms usually make it more difficult for a player to win with Casino cash than the player’s own by inserting conditions that apply to the bonus only. 

A good example of this might be a higher wagering requirement.

Game weighting

Game weighting, in simple terms, means that not all games are created equal when setting off your wagering requirements against your no deposit bonus.

Most online casinos in Canada offer a game weighting table you can refer to that will point you in the right direction.

If your no deposit bonus is ten dollars, a five-dollar bet on roulette may only be considered worth fifty cents of bonus money.

Traditionally, slots offer a 100% weighting; every buck you bet is worth a buck of bonus cash.

Time limit

Time limits are practically universal. The no deposit bonus isn’t valid forever. Most online casinos offer twenty-four to forty-eight hours from sign up to claim and wager your bonus.

Others offer as long as a week.    

Bonus abuse

Canadian online casinos offer no deposit bonuses as an incentive to attract and enrol new players.

Occasionally, players will try to beat the system by opening multiple accounts or placing large bets to clear their wagering requirements at a minimized risk.

Many of the terms and conditions are worded to deter and prevent this type of activity by including stiff penalties for infringement.

The easiest solution to bonus abuse is to follow the rules of the road and enjoy your rewards as a valued customer. 

2. Check the Wagering requirements

If it’s the casino’s money, you have to wager it. All of it. Until it’s gone, or winnings exceed the original bonus amount.

No deposit bonus wagering requirements may vary from a factor of 1X to as high as 100X. The lower the wagering factor, the higher the opportunity for retaining potential winnings.

The no deposit bonus might also be restricted to certain games, narrowing player choice and can be subject to a maximum bet limit using the no deposit bonus funds.

The bet limit forces the wagers to be staggered across a group of bets, presenting a wider opportunity to lose the bonus cash.   

3. Real funds are used before bonus funds

Pull a U-turn. You’re not dealing with a genuine no deposit bonus, but probably a disreputable operator.

This road only leads to a dead end. Read the signs and get out of Dodge.

4. Look out for location restrictions

Keep your eyes on the road and make sure that you’re going in the right direction! The same applies to no deposit bonus offers for players in Canada.

There may be some location restrictions that may prevent you from redeeming your no deposit bonus offer, so always read the fine print!

Solutions for Common Issues

  1. My online casino won’t pay out my no deposit bonus winnings 

Avoid this issue entirely by ensuring you only play at a licensed online casino that is regulated by a national jurisdiction.

If the online casino has no license, it’s not legal. The government regulator (national gaming authority) is there to protect your interests.

  1. The no deposit bonus is attractive, but the wagering requirements are high

A reasonable wagering requirement attached to a no deposit bonus should be a factor of 20X or lower.

30X is entering the high end. 40X and above is remote for seeing a return on your no deposit bonus.

  1. The no deposit bonus terms and conditions are too complicated/confusing

If you don’t understand something, contact customer service and ask. Failing that, deliberately vague or long-winded terms and conditions can be a red flag.

Read player reviews and look at other online no deposit casino operators. 

How to Make The Best of a No Deposit Bonus in Canada

Like a fine new pair of shoes or that dream set of wheels, your best no deposit bonus will largely depend on what fits you best and your individual tastes.

Your appetite for risk, desire to win or pure enjoyment of the time spent dancing with Lady Luck all factor in.

With any no deposit bonus offer, read the terms and conditions out of the gate and if it feels good, proceed accordingly.

Take the time to review game weightings, and look for offers that provide a lower wagering requirement. 

While nothing is guaranteed, taken together these recommendations should put you on the road to a potential return.

Remember, a no deposit bonus is there to enjoy. Put the scratch in your pocket, not on the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - subject to fulfilling the criteria set out by the online casino and having met the required terms and conditions.
No deposit bonus codes are access codes issued by the online casinos to certain players subject to their player profile. No deposit bonus codes have waned in popularity. Fierce competition has led to online casinos offering free bonuses to all new players.
An online casino no deposit bonus provides players with a defined amount of cash credit or products of like value (free spins) to wager at no cost to the players. no deposit bonuses are subject to terms and conditions stipulated by the online casino.
The most popular no deposit bonuses in Canada usually consist of either no deposit free spins or a no deposit welcome bonus.
Regrettably, they are not as common as one would like. Very few Canadian online casinos offer no deposit bonuses and when they do the amounts tend to be very small.
A no deposit bonus is a bonus offer that does not require a deposit. However, one must be aware that terms and conditions still apply, including wagering requirements.